More Than Just a Label with Aaron Kilgore of Resource Label Group

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For this episode of the Retail podcast we’re joined by Aaron Kilgore, Regional Southeast Sales Manager for Resource Label Group, a company that works to fulfill complex and custom label solutions for various brands across different industries. In today’s competitive marketing and branding world, a label has to be more than just a label; Aaron explains the power of Extended Content Labels as he goes into the nuances of the creation process, and help us understand the complexity and variation available in this niche.

MarketScale Host Elmer Guardado sits down with Aaron to distinguish between the two main applications of ECLs and discuss how the rise of more small startups has changed how companies brand themselves. The shift to local and personalized advertising has caused marketplace demands for more appropriate labeling.

“With the digital printing revolution that is happening right now in printing, we can now change things up and add variable data and different information so that [the client is] seeing very unique messages specific to that brand or maybe even individual to that region,” Kilgore said.

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