Navigating New Retail Realities

Consistently named a top retail influencer, Carol Spieckerman is a recognized authority on retail and brand strategy. As president of Spieckerman Retail, she helps retailers, brand marketers, agencies and tech companies navigate retail from now to next. Spieckerman regularly contributes to major retail and business media outlets across a broad spectrum of retail topics and trends. On this new retail podcast, Spieckerman Speaks Retail, Spieckerman will be speaking on her Retail Trajectories – themes and calls to action that transcend categories, channels, business models and touch points.


We all know that this has been year like no other, yet unprecedented disruption has sparked new thinking and awakened ingenuity. Carol’s guest is uniquely qualified to bring much-needed perspective on lessons learned and best practices going forward. Courtney Hawkins’ passion for retail started early and she has since been responsible for over $1.5 billion in P&L as she served in executive roles with iconic brands like Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic and now, as VP of retail for fashion innovator The RealReal. In this far-ranging interview, Courtney and Carol roll through pivotal developments encompassing bricks and clicks and Courtney shares advice for retailers and brands seeking to secure their place in the new retail era.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • How to drive discretionary categories as consumers obsess on essentials
  • Why digitally native brands often have the upper hand
  • How to court consumers without compromising brand integrity
  • Possibilities and pitfalls of loyalty programs and content marketing

Contact information: Courtney Hawkins LinkedIn

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