SandenVendo Announces Integrated Swipe and vīv Mobile Cashless Capabilities

Dallas TX, September 22nd, 2020 – SandenVendo America, a leader in vending machine manufacturing, has announced their V21 machine models now support dual cashless payment capabilities. The ability for SandenVendo machines to support two cashless devices means that operators can promote health and wellness as consumers continue to opt for #TrulyTouchless selection and payment methods at an increasing rate across all unattended retail sale points.

Vice President of Sales & Marketing at SandenVendo America, Joseph Lavook commented, “Now that our machines have dual cashless capabilities we can provide our customers and partners with a way to offer touchless selection and payment options to their accounts without the fear of missing out on traditional swipe, cash and coin sales. We’re proud to be the first major beverage machine manufacturer to enable dual cashless capabilities.”

SandenVendo’s partnership with Vagabond, a leader in modernizing the vending industry, helped address an influx of demand from operators and accounts for Vagabond’s #TrulyTouchless payments platform on beverage machines, which historically have been limited to a single cashless payment device. Installing vīv touchless mobile payment capabilities alongside a traditional credit card reader provides a touchless payment option without impacting the vending operation.

In addition to SandenVendo’s commitment to supporting a clean, safe and #TrulyTouchless purchasing experience, their dual cashless offering facilitates the entire spectrum of vīv’s benefits. Adding vīv increases revenues because the populations of people who prefer either payment method are slightly different. Millennial and Generation Z consumers, who make up well more than half the US workforce, prefer to use cashless mobile apps because they are faster, more secure and already a part of daily life as they order lunch, taxis, or movie tickets.

Further, the addition of vīv helps operators create loyalty with consumers, enables remote price changing, dynamic pricing to boost sales during slow periods, vīv enabled product rebates, and comprehensive consumer engagement — by knowing who is buying what, operators can invite consumers back and begin to optimize planograms to promote high-margin products based on individual preferences.

For more information please reach out to the SandenVendo sales team at 214-765-9066 and

About SandenVendo America

Founded in 1937, SandenVendo America, Inc ( is a Dallas, Texas (USA) based manufacturer of commercial refrigeration and heating equipment. We have led the vending and convenience store industries for decades manufacturing some of the world’s best vending machines and foodservice equipment. Stack machines, glass front vendors, hot food displays, refrigerated showcases, ice cream cases, and Micro Market designs, SandenVendo America offers equipment for all of your foodservice needs.

Originally The Vendo Company, a leader in vending manufacturing, SandenVendo America expanded into foodservice equipment in the mid-nineties and began offering micro-market design solutions in 2014. Today, we continue to grow our market share and product lines throughout the world as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanden Retail Systems Corporation, Tokyo Japan.

About Vagabond

Vagabond ( makes technology that modernizes the vending industry. Its operations, communications and payments technologies serve the convenience services industry — businesses that provide vending, food service and related provisions to workplaces. Operators use Vagabond’s platform for inventory management, product merchandising, service scheduling, truck routing, and financial reconciliation. Vagabond’s IoT network delivers real-time business intelligence to operating teams in the field so they can maximize operating profits. Vagabond’s workplace payments application, called vīv, enables mobile pay at vending machines and convenience markets; order-ahead and delivery at cafeterias and restaurants; and the ordering and fulfillment of office, breakroom and janitorial supplies in the workplace. This comprehensive commerce platform allows Vagabond to provide data-driven services to consumer packaged goods companies enabling promotion of particular products to individuals in real-time depending on their buying habits. Vagabond powers the convenience services industry by maximizing sales through merchandising, minimizing cost through operational efficiency, establishing new revenue streams for operators, and providing consumers a convenient payment experience.

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