The Importance of a Good Team at Universal Screens

Universal Screens has a lot to be proud of. With every product man-made in the United States from the finest materials possible, Universal owns all their parts and components and crafts everything on-site. There’s much confidence that goes into each and every screen, and Universal is there to support customers with any problem, large or small, that might arise.

What started as a small organization selling a few screens each month has now tripled in size and become a major player in the industry. What hasn’t changed are the founding principles of excellent products and over-the-top service.

Customer service is the most important aspect of the company. With competitors making similar products, Universal’s commitment to their clients distinguishes them from the pack. They care about the product, the dealers, and the end users. That’s why they jump on an issue within 24 hours of customer contact and get it resolved quickly and professionally.

Each team member has had their hands on the product, and each team member knows the material and how to build it, sell it, and maintain it. Having done some in-house engineering to the vinyl inserts and other components, Universal can offer a superior product with exceptional turnaround time and accurate attention to detail, even though the company has grown exponentially. They have not lost that personal touch that sets them apart.

To learn more about Universal’s exemplary commitment to superior products and service, visit us online today!

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