An excess of cash is something no business is going to complain about, but managing it is a different story. Handling paper currency can lead to a myriad of problems for retailers and can even detract from the customer experience. Recently, tech giant Amazon has tried to combat this overload with cashless stores, but these have proven to bring about new, unforeseen problems of its own.

Tidel Director of Global Marketing, David Barclay, joined MarketScale Mornings to talk all things money and how it continues to impact retail strategy in an ever-changing environment. Cash is the lifeblood of any business, but it is much more than just a number, something even the biggest brands in the world are still figuring out. Barclay reminded hosts Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern that cash is still king in the retail world, and that it may be a good thing for brick-and-mortar shoppers. Watch this week’s show on the present and future of cash in retail.

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