What is Apteo, and how is Consumer Data Evolving?

Impacting the behavior of different shoppers requires different tactics based on individual preferences. Understanding how to harness the data you have about your consumers is key to customizing messages. In 2021, online shopping accounted for 14% of all sales, according to Smart Brief. Securing those sales requires multiple touchpoints that speak to shoppers.

On this episode of “What Just Happened?”, host Christine Russo speaks with Shanif Dhanani, CEO and Co-founder of Apteo.co about how delivering personalized content is key to the bottom line. It increases customer loyalty, return purchases, order conversions, and average order values. Step one is gathering data, and step two is understanding and implementing insights where it’s most impactful. With new technologies, the bandwidth of work is reduced significantly. Bidnamic suggests that significant changes are coming to how we browse Chrome in 2024. Google announced that it is phasing out the use of third-party cookies. Changes like this mean that targeted advertising will be less intrusive, and marketers will have to rely on first-party data.

“This is probably going to be as big of an impact as the Facebook iOS privacy Updates. If you’re a brand, prepare for that now. Start capturing your own first-party data,” said Dhanani.

Dhanani and Russo discuss…

● Gathering, understanding, and implementing consumer data.

● Chrome is eliminating the use of third-party cookies in 2024.

● Using insights from data is key to making marketing campaigns more personal.

Dhanani is helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) ensure their marketing campaigns are backed by data that encourage sales.

“We personalize things so that your customers see the content, the products, the collections—whatever it is—that’s most relevant to them. That’s the 100,000-foot overview,” said Dhanani.

The data is there and has been there for the taking, but the understanding and use of it could be improved by marketers. Apteo’s appeal is that it’s user-friendly and all-encompassing. From emails and SMS campaigns to website content and Facebook ads, Apteo helps its clients ensure that the right shopper receives the relevant messages.

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