It’s no secret that ride sharing app Uber needed an image makeover. The company itself conducted internal research and found that consumers didn’t correlate the classic Uber “U” symbol with the ride-sharing app, forcing Uber drivers to flip around their decals so the word “Uber” was visible to users. Their new logo is simple; a black background and the word “Uber,” with the U slightly over-sized and emphasized. But what does this re-brand mean for the larger gig economy and Uber’s future markets?

We dive in on this episode of the Retail Podcast; we spoke with Ryan MacInnis, director of marketing of Boston-based Notarize, for his take on the global brand’s re-brand. “Rebranding as a topic can be a bit scary because people look at the impact of rebranding as potentially company shattering,” MacInnis said. “But if you do it really well it has the power to fundamentally shift the trajectory of your company in a good way.”

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