Will Stores Carve Out More Space for Ecommerce Fulfillment?

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Over the past year, ecommerce and online shopping, as well as BOPIS, saw a significant bump. Now, even with reopening marching along, will stores continue to use more of their space for ecommerce fulfillment?

Retail Refined host Melissa Gonzalez shared her insights in this MarketScale soundbite.

“Will stores continue to use their space for ecommerce fulfillment? The answer is undoubtedly yes. Stores will continue to play multiple purposes as a point of discovery and a point of fulfillment as consumers want more and more flexibility around how they place orders and how they pick up.

They’re going to want this fluidity to continue across all touch points. So, as brands and retailers think about their store design, they’re going to make sure that they do it in an agile and modular way so that the store can flex as needed from being a point of discovery to a point of fulfillment.”

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