This Season’s Mission Will Be Making Space Relatable


Space to Grow is back for a second season with hosts Chris Blackerby and Charity Weeden from Astroscale. It’s where economics, technology and sustainability in space intersect. In the opening episode, Blackerby and Weeden take a look back and forward regarding the space economy.

“We’re going to focus a lot on partnerships as a dedicated theme of conversations, as they are driving the space economy,” Blackerby said.

Since space exploration and sustainability are such complex initiatives, partnerships are critical.

Blackerby and Weeden shared some big moments in space from the last year. “Even with COVID, it was an incredible year for space,” Blackerby noted.

Weeden’s top moment was humanity in space. “Private citizens went into space. That’s a first, and everyone can relate to that.”

While that was a pivotal moment, others demonstrated risks and challenges, spawning from geopolitical impacts on Earth. One of those is the Russian ASAT (anti-satellite weapon) tests.

Turning back to good news that demonstrates cooperation and collaboration, the James Webb Space Telescope launched through a partnership between the U.S. and Europe. Weeden relayed that the investment in the space economy isn’t slowing in other good news. It’s actually growing.

The hosts then provided a preview of what’s to come this season. They’ll welcome a diverse group of guests from around the world. Topics will range from business to policy to technology.

Weeden also announced a new segment Space to Grow After Hours. “We’ll be debating topics with the pros and cons in this extra content,” she described.

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