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In-Space Computing Alliance

Just as computers have become a mainstay and a vital tool on earth, they carry the same significance in space. Per NASA, computers and the concept of computing in space is used Read more


home intelligence
How Have Home Intelligence and Automated Shading Solutions Improved Home Energy Efficiency and Comfort?
February 6, 2023

On today’s episode of the Draper at Home podcast, host Michelle Dawn Mooney, speaks with Scotty Allen, the Chief Operating Officer of, Maryellen Oswald, Custom Integration & Partnerships Channel Manager, Somfy USA, and Tyson McDonald, Director of Business Development, Motorized Solar Solutions for Draper, Inc., to talk about how the effect of home intelligence […]

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How Royal Caribbean is Elevating Entertainment At-Sea
February 6, 2023

— Live stage productions and musicians play a crucial role in making the experience of a Royal Caribbean cruise truly unforgettable. Behind the scenes, there’s a whole team of professionals dedicated to bringing top-notch entertainment to the passengers. The process starts with a creative team that conceptualizes the shows, selecting songs and choreography to […]

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gas costs
2022 Gas Costs More than Doubled the Average Cost in 2020. Prices Have Dropped but are Still High in 2023…Why?
February 4, 2023

Last year, eyes were popping as the price per gallon of gas passed the five-dollar mark in most places. This is more than double the average gas cost per gallon in 2020, which was $2.17 per gallon, according to the U.S. Energy Administration. While prices are down from that five-dollar mark now, they have […]

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In-Space Computing Alliance
January 5, 2023

Just as computers have become a mainstay and a vital tool on earth, they carry the same significance in space. Per NASA, computers and the concept of computing in space is used for a variety of factors in relation to the function of spacecraft and navigation. So naturally, the concerns that everyday people and companies […]

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The Goals for Space Exploration for This Decade and Beyond
April 13, 2022

The expanse of space, the wondrous and eerie world that very few individuals have experienced. In this episode, Chris Blackerby and Charity Weeden talk to Ellen Stofan, Under Secretary of Science and Research at the Smithsonian, about the future of space exploration in the government and private sectors, the public. Stofan’s career in space was […]

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The Impact of the Russian ASAT Tests
March 30, 2022

In this bonus episode of Space to Grow, hosts Charity Weeden and Chris Blackerby  sit down to discuss kinetic ASAT tests in space and possible silver-linings that came from the most recent test. The November 2021 Russian ASAT (Anti-Satellite) test shed unprecedented light onto the space community and is estimated to have produced almost 1700 pieces of […]

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This Season’s Mission Will Be Making Space Relatable
February 16, 2022

Space to Grow is back for a second season with hosts Chris Blackerby and Charity Weeden from Astroscale. It’s where economics, technology and sustainability in space intersect. In the opening episode, Blackerby and Weeden take a look back and forward regarding the space economy. “We’re going to focus a lot on partnerships as a dedicated […]

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Material Signs: Introduction to the World of Optics
January 21, 2022

Doctors Scott Carney, chief science and technology officer at Optica, Kate Medicus, CEO at Ruda-Cardinal, and Alexis Vogt, endowed chair and professor of optics at Monroe Community College, joined Host Tyler Kern for the very first podcast of Enpro’s Material Signs to talk about the world of optics and its impact on the world. Optics, […]

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Getting Technical: What Will the Commercial Space Market Look Like in 2022?
December 13, 2021

The pandemic may have halted many industries from growing, but that is not the case for the commercial space market. Jason Riggs, Director of Strategy at Technetics, discussed the market’s future for 2022 with Host Tyler Kern. Recently, propulsion and launch vehicles have made an entrance into the market, and private funding and public […]

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Is Space a Finite Natural Resource? One Expert Says Yes
June 2, 2021

On the Space to Grow podcast, Astroscale’s Chris Blackerby and Charity Weeden bring their compelling experience and expertise to map out the technology, international policy, and scalability that will define the next generation of space exploration.   Looking at space sustainability through an environmental and ecological lens changes the perspective. It makes it more tangible and inclusive. That’s the message of Moriba Ja. […]

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Virgin Galactic Holdings CEO Michael Colglazier on Space Test Flights
May 26, 2021

Virgin Galactic Holdings’ recent successful launch rocketed confidence in the viability of commercial space travel. Watch below to see CEO Michael Colglazier react to the launch and comment on efforts to move towards commercial space tourism. Colglazier: We had three big points we were trying to do in this test flight, the first was to […]

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Virgin Galactic Test Flight Reaches Space From New Mexico
May 23, 2021

(Bloomberg) — Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. flew a test flight to space for the first time in more than two years, a critical step in its path toward commercial service following a series of issues that have beset the company. The VSS Unity test flight from New Mexico on Saturday helps put the company back […]

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