AI’s Use in Finance


Precision of information in the financial world is of paramount importance. The wrong investment or forecast can be extremely costly to businesses and clients.

Increasingly, artificial solutions have entered the financial services industry.

“Where AI shines is, OK yes one guy can look at a 10-K statement or they can make a decision, but there are so many other factors: news, analyst ratings, you can’t keep a tab of everything. You are not a robot,” Kievanos COO and Co-Founder Mahesh Kashyap said.

Kashyap said the financial industry is an early adopter of AI because investors are always looking for an edge, even more so than other businesses. At the onset of Kashyap’s venture with Kievanos though, there was still a learning curve for clients.

“It takes time. A lot of back and forth. You know, I would say our first client took us six-to-eight-months to feel comfortable before they started paying us,” he said.

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