Bringing the Power of Blockchain to the Travel Industry

June 27, 2023
James Kent


The travel industry needs more efficiency in data, payments, and payment settlement time. Every booking made online requires multiple middlemen involved, resulting in delays in settlement, loss of records, miscommunication, and a lack of a single source of truth. Each counterparty uses its own centralized database and generates its own booking codes, leading to a nightmare in reconciliation.

If the hospitality industry can find ways to improve guest experiences through technology, why can’t the travel industry improve processes for those selling travel online? Maybe it can.

Xeni has broken through the technological, regulatory, and legal barriers that make it difficult for people to sell travel online by offering a service that provides access to wholesale rates across different kinds of travel, allowing closed user group communities, travel professionals, influencers, and events to launch their travel-selling sites instantly, integrating more than 800 airlines, two million hotels, more than 300,000 car locations, and 400,000 activities worldwide.

In this episode of Gossip About Gossip, host Zenobia Godschalk welcomes Xeni CEO Sachin Narode and President Rachel Obenshain to discuss their platform that breaks through the barriers preventing people from selling travel online.

Godschalk’s conversation with Narode and Obenshain includes the following:

  • Exploring real-world applications of distributed ledger technology in the travel industry
  • Details on how Xeni breaks down barriers to selling travel online and offers a tailored travel experience for different communities
  • How Xeni uses blockchain technology to ensure secure transactions and bring trust back to the internet

Sachin Narode is the CEO and Founder of Xeni, a company dedicated to providing simple, elegant tech solutions for the travel industry. With a global team working across the US, Singapore, India, Argentina, and Europe, Sachin leads the charge in transforming the travel industry’s tech landscape.

Rachel Obenshain serves as the President and Co-founder of Xeni. Alongside Narode, she is pivotal in the company’s mission to streamline the travel industry’s processes and overcome challenges. Narode and Obenshain are at the forefront of Xeni’s innovative solutions, aiming to make travel more accessible and efficient for their clients.


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