Business Ecosystems Are Key to Success in the Autonomous Driving Industry

On this episode of LeddarTech Lab, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin talked with LeddarTech Director of Strategic Partnerships Heinz Oyrer about the LeddarTech ecosystem: how it functions and how it’s been designed and structured from the very beginning.

The duo explored the company’s ecosystem and how it is crucial for the successful integration of our solutions.

“Ecosystems are the vehicles through which companies can deliver new products,” Oyrer said.

When it comes to being an industry leader in ADAS and autonomous driving solutions, it takes more than technology, insights and hardware.

LeddarTech works to build a solid network of collaborators, partners and suppliers, who in turn deliver market strategies, technological support and industry experience.

Ecosystems are a crucial part of business, according to Oyrer. You have to combine multiple elements, not just technology, but you also must introduce the human dimension. It’s all about teaming up with others.

“Ecosystems bring together multiple players of different types and sizes,” Oyrer said. “[This is the only way to] create, scale and service markets that are beyond the capacity of a single organization. Even the big guys are not capable of doing that.”

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