On day one of CES 2020, Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B, sat down with Michael Murray, Executive VP, Aceinna, for a discussion on the latest in sensor technology and GNSS (global navigation satellite systems.) Murray explained how his company uses the most advanced gyro technology in their IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) platform to provide a better sensing outcome in GNSS, and they are working on even more highly advanced gyro capabilities.

AI is a critical component to making a better positioning system, but crowdsourcing is the key to building strong AI. Murray said his company relies on crowdsourcing their AI to learn what the mistakes are, resolve those issues, and improve their AI.

For shipping and logistics, innovations in precision technology are paramount. Delivering products to end-users on time, in a fast, efficient, and safe manner is the goal for all industries, and Murray knows the advancements in sensing provide marked improvements to the process. Smaller companies looking for a competitive edge over larger ones, may find the move towards fully autonomous systems beneficial, said Murray.

Part of the philosophy of providing an open-source product, said Murray, is to make the best product for the end-user. “If I do anything well in my job,” said Murray, “it’s to focus on the best problems to solve for you and me as opposed to just making the best widget.”

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