Cynthia Rodriguez Leads the Transformation of Verizon’s B2B Segment, Redefining Partner Ecosystems

February 13, 2024

In an insightful segment dedicated to the strategic expansion and depth of Verizon’s Partner Network, Cynthia Rodriguez, the Director of Business Agents Channel at Verizon Business, shares her extensive experience and the value she brings to the partnership ecosystem. This discussion offers a peek into the strategies that have bolstered Verizon’s B2B segment, highlighting the importance of comprehensive account mapping and stakeholder identification.

Cynthia Rodriguez elaborates on her 14-year journey with Verizon, focusing on her last decade in the B2B direct side, in a video that sheds light on effective partnership strategies within Verizon Business. She discusses the nuanced understanding of client organization structures and the critical role of support teams, engineers, and sales representatives in crafting solutions that enhance profitability for both Verizon and its partners. This conversation underscores the significance of beyond-the-surface engagement with clients, moving past traditional focal points like CEOs and IT directors to a more holistic stakeholder approach for sustained business success.

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