Down to Earth: Point Clouds to Paradise – Episode 3

January 24, 2023

Caulfield & Wheeler, Inc. is celebrating 40 years of providing professional civil engineering, planning, land surveying, and landscape architecture services throughout Southeastern Florida. They pride themselves on utilizing the most recent technology available on the market, to maintain their competitive edge in order to provide clients with the most proficient and cost-effective designs using point clouds.

Their latest customer, Avenir, is creating one of the most innovative developments to happen to Palm Beach County in a generation. A 4,752-acre sustainable community located in prestigious Palm Beach Gardens with 3,900 new homes, a resort-style clubhouse, a working farm, dedicated golf cart paths, spacious dog parks, and over 300 acres of lakes and waterways.

From the successful completion of three missions to the final stages of data processing and deliverables, this third episode takes us through the intricacies of a topographic survey using the TrueView 635 and LP360. Witness the seamless transfer of files, meticulous processing, and the generation of high-definition ortho mosaics and ground surface LAS point clouds. This innovative approach, combining UAV operations and advanced software, revolutionizes the surveying process, saving time and providing incredibly detailed results. Join Down to Earth: Point Clouds to Paradise by Microdrones with Andrew Beckwith, Director of Special Projects & UAS Operations, Jason Cloninger, UAS Pilot and Lidar Technician, both of Caulfield and Wheeler Inc. as we delve into the efficiency and precision of this groundbreaking technology.

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