While touchless payment is widely accepted in countries like Russia or China, it’s not widely adapted in the United States. The same is true of unmanned autonomous vehicles, or drones, which are being used on nearly every product in an industry in some countries but are still being rolled out in others.

Dave Pendrill, Sales Manager for the Northern Europe region for Microdrones, has extensive experience in South Africa but sees a booming drone market in the United Kingdom and one that is very receptive to the Microdrone as a Service solutions available from Microdrones.

“In the UK, up until recently and in the drone sector, specifically, everybody has been buying. So, Microdrones have taking the initiative to come out with the ‘as a service’ portfolio,” Pendrill said. “I definitely see that it’s going to take the market by storm, because that’s what they do in the UK in construction, surveying – anything. If they need a tool and they don’t have it, they will hire it for the day, for the week or for the year.”

In addition to the attractiveness of the MdaaS concept for companies that may need a drone only for a given period of time, there’s also the service guarantees Microdrones provides so customers know they’re always able to deploy the latest technology.

“With other providers, you buy the unit, you buy the software, and that’s it. You’re set with it,” Pendrill said. “We provide you with all firmware upgrades. We provide you with all software upgrades. That’s an ongoing phase with us. We’re keeping the customer totally updated and integrated all the time as we move forward.”

With those benefits, it’s easy to see where Pendrill’s enthusiasm about the UK market and how its continuing to deploy drones is coming from.

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