Lessons Learned from Smart Mailboxes and International Drone Deliveries: Drones in America

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Welcome to this week’s episode of “Drones in America,” a MarketScale podcast hosted by Grant Guillot.

Guillot leads the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Practice Team for Adams and Reese, a law firm that practices across the Southern U.S. and in Washington, D.C.

On “Drones in America,” Guillot and industry leaders, influencers and experts explore the rapidly growing commercial drone industry in the U.S., guiding you through the complex web of technology, policy and more.

In this week’s episode, Guillot is joined by Matt Coleman, Senior Director of Business Development at Volansi; Michael Currie, Founder and CEO of Fling; and Will Stavanja, Chief Technical Officer of AirBox Technologies. These three service providers are utilizing drone technology to assist with the social distancing mandates and economic hardships brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Volansi, which focuses on drone-based cargo delivery and pickup for industrial, medical, and other medical supply chains across the world, builds and operates long-range, high-payload unmanned aerial systems for time critical parts and supplies. The company, which is based out of Concord, California but operates globally, helps its customers save millions of dollars on down-time costs, receive life-saving supplies when needed most, and conduct demanding industrial jobs. As explained by Coleman, “Besides being a drone company, Volansi is really an all-inclusive delivery drone solution utilizing user-friendly mobile platforms, automation, and the UAVs themselves to revolutionize the way that materials are delivered to increase equipment uptime, shorten critical delivery times, and save on unnecessary warehouse inventory downtime.”

Fling is a leading drone consulting company that designs custom solutions for clients in Southeast Asia. The company, which is based out of Thailand, works across industries, using its in-depth expertise of drone technology and regulations to solve business challenges and build better cities for tomorrow.  “We specialize in AI cloud software as well as unmanned aerial system solutions for commercial applications in three industries – electric power line, warehousing, and last-mile logistics,” Currie says. “We’re also a service provider for these services as well as being a technology provider.”

AirBox Technologies, based out of Richmond, Virginia, revolutionizes last-mile postal package delivery through it virtual GPS solar smart IOT mailbox, AirBox Home. The mailbox allows anyone in the world to receive endpoint secure package delivery by motorcycle, truck or drone. “The box itself gives you all sorts of information, such as who, what, when, and where,” says Stavanja. “It physically secures a package, so, for those of you fighting against porch pirates, this is a perfect solution.”

The guests discuss with Guillot the ways their companies are assisting businesses across the globe with enforcing social distancing and isolating supply chains in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. They also address the lessons drone operators in the U.S. can learn from their respective international operations.

In addition, the guests discuss the significance of global regulatory environments and how their businesses have experienced increased interest in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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