Mark Tina Envisions Differences to the Verizon Partner Network in 2024

December 1, 2023

In the dynamic telecommunications landscape, Verizon’s Partner Network continues to evolve, adapting to new trends and opportunities. For another segment featuring Mark Tina, VP of Indirect Channel Distribution and Channel Chief at Verizon Business, he explores exactly what types of significant changes and advancements the Verizon Partner Network will see in 2024.

In this episode Tina focused on the I2B program and offered a detailed overview of the I2B program’s evolution since its creation in 2019. Having been part of the team that launched the program, Tina shared his insights on the program’s growth and its impact on Verizon’s distribution strategy. He highlighted the noteworthy increase in both the program’s scale and its contributions to Verizon’s revenue and subscriber base. Additionally, Tina discussed the collaborative efforts between Verizon’s agents and field teams in engaging customers, both in-store and out in the field. Tina has an optimistic outlook on the future possibilities of the program and underlined the mutual benefits for Verizon, its agent partners, and customers.

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