On Deck with Circuit Check: Navigating the Transition from VTEP to NanoVTEP

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As devices have become smaller and smaller, the current VTEP testing technology typically used to test circuit boards has become insufficient to handle the needs of test fixture integrators and their end users.

To remedy this issue, Circuit Check partner Keysight has developed a new technology, NanoVTEP, which offers integrators more robust analysis with a smaller footprint. As Circuit Check makes the transition to NanoVTEP technology, we hope to answer some of your most pressing questions about the change in this podcast.

Joining host Daniel Litwin to offer their insights on the matter are Neil Adams, Senior Manager for ICT at Circuit Check, and Jun Balangue, business development manager for Keysight.

Balangue revealed that Keysight was one of the first companies that jumped into vectorless testing. Since the 1990s, the company has remained at the forefront of in-circuit test fixtures – alongside Circuit Check as a key implementer of that technology.

However, in recent years, both Balangue and Adams noted that devices were shrinking – and rendering VTEP technology useless in the process.

We could either continue to innovate our existing VTEP or come up with a new technology,” Balangue said.

With the debut of Keysight’s new NanoVTEP technology, “we can get away from our remote sensing and use NanoVTEP the way it’s designed to be used versus us trying to implement VTEP technology slightly differently from the way it’s designed,” Adams explained.

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