Cisco Webex CMO on the Future of Collaborative Technology & Remote Work


Seemingly overnight, business has transitioned to working from home as the world unites to slow the spread of COVID-19. And just like that, digital tools like video conferencing, online task management, and secure messaging centers are in high demand like never before.

So, who is rising to the challenge of keeping businesses afloat as they quickly transition to productive remote work? It comes as no surprise that Cisco, a longstanding leader in multinational technology services, is helping businesses worldwide make the shift by using its holistic suite of tools, international support network, and strong financing assistance.

Guest Aruna Ravichandran, CMO of Webex and Collaboration at Cisco, joined the Marketscale Technology Podcast to discuss the future of the modern workplace and how Webex can be a one-stop-shop for remote team collaboration.

Remote work will be the new normal for corporate business, Ravichandran predicts. Companies are already seeing the potential benefits of a remote team, like cost savings in office space rent, carbon footprint savings, and a more productive, engaged workforce.

But remote work doesn’t come without a learning curve. This is where Webex sets itself apart. With a suite of tools and the support network to help out, Webex has successfully handled a double in traffic since February 2020.

Cisco Webex isn’t just about product support. With blogs, videos, and virtual customer service, Webex helps businesses transition their people to remote work by offering proven support for handling different work styles, workspaces, and workflows.

With over $200 million in financing, Cisco aims to keep businesses churning productively, whether it’s the corporate workplace, telemedicine, real estate, e-learning, or even virtual law. Find out how Cisco can help your work at

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