SambaSafety: A Culture Committed to Customer Success and Safer Communities

June 13, 2023
Sonia Gossai

SambaSafety, SambaSafety, with customer success as one of its cornerstones, is driven by a strong organizational culture that places the utmost importance on its customers. As an extension of their customers’ teams and trusted partners, SambaSafety ensures that customer experience remains at the heart of all operations. This dedication to customer care is mirrored in their commitment to fostering a supportive environment for their team members. With top talent in various fields, SambaSafety combines engineering, data science, government relations, and customer success to deliver exceptional results.

Today on the show SambaSafety’s Kevin Lawlor, VP Human Resources , Karina Sinclair, Chief Customer Officer, Matt Scheuing, CEO and Adam Kreisher, Director of Sales share insights on how the company work towards customer success.

At SambaSafety, customers are the driving force behind every action and decision. Recognizing their integral role, SambaSafety takes pride in being an extension of their customers’ teams. This partnership mentality allows for a seamless collaboration that prioritizes customer success. By investing in their team members’ well-being, SambaSafety ensures the highest level of service to their customers. Through this holistic approach, a strong bond exists between the organization, its customers, and its employees.

The organizational culture is deeply rooted in a sense of purpose and pride. Their tagline, “We save lives,” reflects their unwavering commitment to safety. While they may not physically rush into burning buildings like firefighters or police officers, SambaSafety’s work holds equal significance. The organization is obsessed with safety and its impact on the communities they serve. By leveraging data insights, SambaSafety plays a crucial role in reducing losses, minimizing injuries, and ultimately saving lives. This profound dedication fuels the passion of their talented team members, driving their commitment to supporting customers and partners.

SambaSafety’s mission extends beyond their immediate operations. By promoting safer communities through the power of data insights, the organization has a lasting impact on roadways every day. Through their expertise and dedication, SambaSafetywith their focus on customer success allows them to serve the shared communities effectively and contribute to a safer and more secure environment.

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