Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin was joined remotely in MarketScale’s Trinity Studio by Lawrence J. White, a Professor of Economics at the NYU Stern School of Business, to discuss the continued impact of the potential merger between telecom giants Sprint and T-Mobile.

White, who also appeared on Litwin’s legislative and policy show, Ratified, and his colleagues filed a working paper with the U.S. Department of Justice the reasons why it would be anticompetitive.

Litwin and White revisit the merger in light of the merger nearing completion – while certainly a far cry from complete, it’s taken steps toward that eventual reality. In fact, White offered up his best guess – “that it will eventually be a done deal.”

Before the merger is buttoned up, a separate legal proceeding under the Tunney Act will be conducted. This step, White said, involves a federal district judge giving their approval for the merger. The California Public Utilities Commission will also need to sign off.

Litwin and White discussed individual states’ potential roles in preventing a merger, which could involve engaging in an appeals process, as well as key points that White believes led to the merger’s likely impending approval and more.

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