Welcome to this week’s episode of “Drones in America,” a MarketScale podcast hosted by Grant Guillot.

On “Drones in America,” Guillot and industry leaders, influencers and experts explore the rapidly growing commercial drone industry in the U.S., guiding you through the complex web of technology, policy and more.

This week, Guillot sat down with Sharon Rossmark of Women and Drones to discuss how she was inspired to create the organization to help add diversity to the young industry.

Rossmark said the percentage of licensed female drone operators seems low at a first glance, but, when further analyzed, it can be noted that female participation in drones has already surpassed general aviation. She hopes that UAVs provides a gateway into the aviation industry and young female pilots will be able to cross into the general aviation world with greater ease.

Rossmark was first introduced to drones through her first career, education. She was a teacher in a STEM class when a guest presenter demonstrated how the new drone technology worked. When her class lit up with excitement, she knew that this could be a tool to get young students interested in math and science through real life applications.

Celebrating and Expanding the Involvement of Women in the Drone Industry

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