TMGcore Participates in Ranger Communications Expo at Fort Benning, Georgia

May 1, 2023

TMGcore, the innovative Texas-based two-phase liquid immersion platform company, recently announced its participation in the Ranger Communications Expo at Fort Benning, Georgia. Jeff Butler from the TMG Core Government Affairs team was present to represent the company.

The Problem: As the digital landscape grows and data demands increase, military installations such as Fort Benning are in need of more efficient, sustainable, and compact solutions for their computing needs. Conventional data center deployments can be bulky, inefficient, and require extensive infrastructure, creating problems in high-demand, space-sensitive scenarios often found in military contexts.

The Solution: TMGcore, with its breakthrough server technology and compact, immersion-cooled data centers, is positioned as a potential solution for military installations. Their cutting-edge technology, like the TMGcore Auto 120 unit, provides a compact, high-density computing solution that can efficiently operate in various environments, reducing the need for traditional data center infrastructure.

The Outcome: While the exact details of TMGcore’s participation in the Ranger Communications Expo are yet to be disclosed, their presence at a military expo suggests a potential alignment between the needs of the military and the solutions TMGcore provides. By showcasing their innovative technology at such an event, TMGcore has a unique opportunity to demonstrate how its solutions can address the challenges faced by military installations regarding their computing needs.

By participating in the Ranger Communications Expo, TMGcore is not only expanding its reach but also potentially providing solutions for high-density computing in the governmental and military sectors. This move marks a significant step in TMGcore’s efforts to revolutionize the future of data centers across different sectors.

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