TMGcore Unveils the Data Center of the Future with Advanced Immersion Cooling Technology at SC19

June 1, 2023

TMGcore, a Texas-based two-phase liquid immersion platform company, unveiled its innovative data center of the future at SC19 in Denver, Colorado. The startup, now two years old, showcased its cutting-edge technology and vision for high-density computing at their immersive booth.

The Problem: Traditional data centers require large amounts of space and significant cooling solutions. In addition, deploying traditional servers involves logistical and practical complexities. As data demands grow, these problems become increasingly problematic, leading to inefficiencies and higher costs.

The Solution: TMGcore has developed their own server technology and works with other major manufacturers like Dell to build devices compatible with their two-phase liquid immersion system. Their technology, like the TMGcore HydroBlade 16-11, offers a glimpse into what is possible in a liquid environment. With 16 Nvidia Tesla V100s double-stacked just millimeters apart, it demonstrates the ability to achieve more than 6000 watts of power in a 1U space.

Their offering extends beyond servers to the TMGcore Auto 120 unit, a fully automated, robotically controlled, 120KW data center in a box. This solution delivers all network power and cooling needs in a 60-foot enclosure, utilizing a range of fluids from companies like 3M and Solvay.

The Outcome: TMGcore’s technology is designed to replace traditional data center deployments. A single Auto 120 unit can replace multiple conventional racks depending on the deployment. The major advantage of the TMGcore system is not just the density but also the reduced need for traditional data center infrastructure like raised floors, air conditioning, or air cleaning systems. Their system can operate just as efficiently inside a steel shed as it would in a conventional data center.

When deployed correctly, the TMGcore system can achieve Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) scores of 1.028, making it one of the most efficient solutions for high-density computing. The impressive performance of TMGcore’s technology and their ambitious vision for the future of data centers has drawn significant attention following their launch at SC19.

With their innovative immersion cooling technology, TMGcore is not only reducing the logistical and practical complexities of traditional data center deployments but also paving the way for the next generation of high-density computing.

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