Cost-Effectively Deploying Edge Computing Technologies to Convenience Stores


When you think of the challenges that a convenience store owner or operator faces, bleeding-edge technology may not seem high on the priority list. Traditionally, the convenience store industry is conservative in its approach to early technology adoption due to slim margins and aggressive competition.

But challenges during the coronavirus have brought technology, innovation, and smart business solutions to the forefront of store owners’ minds, according to Intel IoT Sales Specialist Kristen Call and IoT Marketing Manager John Klafin.

Call and Klafin joined host Shelby Skrhak on this episode of To the Edge and Beyond to discuss edge technology deployment in the convenience store industry.

“I would have agreed, a year ago, that bleeding-edge technology is not on the forefront, but this last year has shifted that,” Call said.” We’re seeing a lot more of the industry dive into how to make their businesses smarter.”

Smart businesses have smart devices.

“We’ve seen the proliferation of edge computing, computer vision and artificial intelligence in the retail industry, as well as Internet of Things, where we make devices smart and connected,” Klafin said. “There’s a tremendous amount of intelligence that we’re helping retailers process and turn into valuable business insights.”

Actionable intelligence requires huge amounts of data, and data from internet-connected smart devices requires bandwidth to keep pace. Rather than connecting a store’s growing number of smart devices and sending all its respective data to the cloud, the edge platform can give stores the power to analyze data on-site.

More than making c-stores better with data and business insights, IoT is making stores safer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Contactless temperature checks for customers, density monitoring, and customer counting are all tools that store owners can use to keep their employees and customers safe.

“Having artificial intelligence as part of your game plan is a huge advantage,” Call said.

Learn more about deploying the edge in convenience stores by connecting with Kristen Call and John Klafin on LinkedIn or visit to this channel on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts to hear more from the Intel Internet of Things Group.

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