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Understanding Edge to Cloud in Retail and Trending Use Cases

  The concept of edge to cloud is growing in importance within the retail landscape. Retailers are increasingly implementing edge-to-cloud solutions to positively impact Read more


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Why Hotels Should Learn to Love Robot Technology
February 7, 2023

The guest experience is getting upgraded at many hotels today thanks to innovative robot technology. Aloft Hotels first introduced the world’s first robotic concierge in the early 2000s, and in 2014, they brought Botlr, a robot butler service, to the team. These AI enhancements increased the guest experience through shorter wait times for room […]

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Super Bowl LVII Ad Spots Sold Out. Why Did It Take So Long This Year?
February 6, 2023

Patrick Rishe, Host of “Suite Talk: The Business Behind Sports“, takes a look at the 2023 Super Bowl LVII Ad trends. An uncertain economy is one of the biggest factors as to why it took companies so long to buy out the ad spaces for this year’s Super Bowl. Not to mention we have […]

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Thoughts About Pro AV’s Path Forward in ’23
February 6, 2023

Can we take a second and acknowledge how impactful Gina Sansivero and Brandy Alvarado-Miranda are for our industry? … I had a chance to sit down with BOTH of them to break down some of the hottest trends from ISE this year, but also to dive deeper into the conversations and challenges that are […]

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Understanding Edge to Cloud in Retail and Trending Use Cases
November 21, 2022

The concept of edge to cloud is growing in importance within the retail landscape. Retailers are increasingly implementing edge-to-cloud solutions to positively impact their businesses. In the latest episode of “Intel To the Edge and Beyond,” host David Dobson, Intel’s Global Industry Director for Retail and Hospitality, visited the subject with VMWare’s Ryan Wehner, […]

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Solving Consumer-Facing Challenges Through Open-Source Technology
November 10, 2022

Consumer-facing industries such as retail and hospitality need help to get to their solutions faster. Accelerating solution-based development is a critical step to accomplishing this goal. Communicating with devices at the edge has proven a challenge for these sectors, as their primary concern is accessing that data, not necessarily the process that drives the result. […]

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Optimizing Medical Imaging at the Edge
January 4, 2022

More and more of today’s medical imaging devices, such as CT, ultrasound, and MRI scanners, rely on real-time AI inferencing at the edge to make critical medical decisions while patients are being treated. Intel’s Deepthi Karkada, a deep-learning software engineer, and Ryan Loney, Product Manager for OpenVINO™ spoke to Hilary Kennedy about recent trends […]

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The Marriage of AI and Edge Computing is Changing How and Where Work Gets Done
November 18, 2021

Key Points: The rise of edge computing is the result of data becoming more valuable and available. Increased compute power and the massive amounts of data being collected mean AI can offer solutions across a broad range of industries and applications. Ongoing data collection is the key to realizing AI’s potential. Commentary: The intersection […]

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Part One: Store As A Media: How Can Brands and Retailers Truly Engage Shoppers?
November 12, 2021

The role of the store is changing. For success, differentiation and emotional connection with consumers is crucial. In this episode of “To the Edge and Beyond,” host Maroun Ishac, Director of Business Development at Intel’s Internet of Things Group, talked with David Roth, CEO of The Store WPP and Chairman of the BAV Group, […]

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Adopting Industrial AI for Smarter Manufacturing
November 4, 2021

“The barriers are everywhere. You have to start with where the data comes in because that’s the first set of barriers,” Austin said. “Anytime you’re talking about AI, 80 percent of the issues come down to the data.” The use of Artificial Intelligence and other new technologies is becoming essential for manufacturers working to build […]

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How Easy-to-Use, Tech Products are Solving Work from Home Challenges
October 28, 2021

“The most profound change businesses are facing is that employees are not physically present together. But all of those people still need to work together as teams. How can technology help maintain an in-person level of productivity while still managing tech challenges?” – Ron Eccleston “If you’d asked me how long it would take […]

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Cost-Effectively Deploying Edge Computing Technologies to Convenience Stores
July 1, 2021

When you think of the challenges that a convenience store owner or operator faces, bleeding-edge technology may not seem high on the priority list. Traditionally, the convenience store industry is conservative in its approach to early technology adoption due to slim margins and aggressive competition. But challenges during the coronavirus have brought technology, innovation, […]

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The Weekly Scale: May 3rd, 2021
May 3, 2021

This week at MarketScale, we worked on our professional development one block at a time with LEGO, previewed the business side of the NFL draft, and asked how manufacturing will respond to the supply chain shake up. It’s the start of a new week, and it’s time to scale up. The Supply chain has been […]

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