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On this episode of our Software & Technology Podcast, host Tyler Kern sat down with frequent guest Kevin Levi, vice president of marketing for OrecX, to discuss innovative ways to use customer call recordings for smart, informed marketing campaigns and other uses.

OrecX provides contact centers and Business Voice Over IP Providers with full-featured, reliable, and very easy to use call recording software at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions.

Companies often use call recording for monitoring the performance of their employees, customer service, compliance, and dispute resolution. But there are other uses for this technology, including learning from your customers, Levi explained.

“In terms of ‘the voice of the customer,’ many organizations spend hundreds of thousands of dollars commissioning analyst reports to learn about their buyers,” Levi said. “But if you’re listening to call recordings of your customers, you’re getting firsthand information that’s even richer than that data.”

Taking it a step further from the voice of the customer, Levi said call recording can help marketing teams assemble more accurate buyer personas. “It’s imperative to keep their ear to the ground,” he said.

Motivating staff is another compelling way to use call recording. “Imagine firing up your staff by playing an exciting customer-praising recording … with a customer’s positive reaction to a product, or a marketing campaign,” Levi said. “That can go a long way.”

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