Call-recording technology is a simple but effective way to provide value to a company from just about any industry, empowering consumer insight, quality control and providing data for important company-wide decisions. On today’s podcast, we’re joined by Kevin Levi, VP of Marketing for OrecX. Last time we spoke on the external benefits of call recording technology; which industries benefit from it and how. This time, we’re digging in deeper, exploring the internal benefits of the software; how can individual roles and departments within a company find value and often financial gain with call recording, from the compliance officer to the CEO?

“The CEO is going to be benefiting from all the intelligence the call recording system feeds to all the departments,” Levi said. We also get a look into the evolution of the technology itself, how it’s reflective of a software trend toward open source systems that’re removing barriers to accessibility, and how these innovations are putting this tech in the hands of small companies and start-ups as well.

“Imagine a CEO who has those weekly town hall meetings…what if he or she were to play a portion of a really positive call where somebody was praising the company up and down,” Levi said. “Putting the voice of the customer out there for the staff to hear in some sort of motivational manner, could have a really big impact.”

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