Before working for Garrett Metal Detectors, Miguel Ardito did not realize that people metal detected as a hobby. Miguel is a jack of all trades at Garrett Metal Detectors – he’s a graphic designer, photographer and videographer for the company. However, he now understands why metal detecting is such a tight-knit community.

Miguel said that working in the marketing department, he learned that, for some, it is a way of life.

Miguel joined host Tyler Kern to talk about his experiences working in the position and how it introduced him to the hobby that’s now formed into a passion. He said that the first time he took home a Garrett metal detector, he went to a park and found two silver rings.

After this experience, he was instantly hooked.

Talking about his experience in the position, Miguel said that he was fortunate enough to travel to Australia for two weeks with NatGeo’s “Diggers” while they were filming a new TV series.

He said that the job and the hobby have created connections and friends for him around the world. The two briefly talked about the other metal detectors that Garrett makes and the purpose they serve for security in venues, schools and other public spaces. Miguel also gave some tips for beginners in the metal detecting hobby.

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