Why Formula 1 Used AI to Maximize Sponsorships Mid-Pandemic

Key Points

  • In 2020, Formula 1 turned to AI to measure the trackside exposure for its sponsorship partners.
  • AI was also instrumental in optimizing camera angles with a limited staff.
  • F1 needed to maximize sponsorship exposure due to a COVID-led reduction in races in 2020.


Sponsors of Formula 1 pay a premium to have their logo prominently displayed trackside at races around the world. From the famously narrow streets of Monte Carlo to the wide open space of Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX, brands like Rolex, Pirelli and Emirates, to name a few, are visible to a worldwide audience of fans cheering on their favorite drivers.

However, the pandemic in 2020 brought new and unforeseen challenges to the sport. With the number of races dropping from 23 to 17, it was vitally important for the financial present and future of the sport to ensure that sponsors were still receiving value from the partnership. Max Metral, Formula 1’s Senior Analytics Manager, joined MarketScale to explain how AI was used to analyze past races to maximize trackside exposure for sponsors.

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