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Auto Industry Professionals Weigh Solutions to Persisting Technician Shortage

auto technician shortage
  The demand for workers in the trades continues to outpace the supply at alarming rates. When it comes to the automotive industry, the need for technicians is estimated to be five Read more


Hydrogen-powered flights
Hydrogen-powered flights are gaining traction. But are they really the future of aviation?
March 29, 2023

Earlier in March, Universal Hydrogen successfully completed a 15-minute voyage of a hydrogen-powered flight. The Dash 8-300 aircraft, which typically carries about 50 passengers, had to be redesigned in order to hold the engine — and over 65 pounds worth of liquid hydrogen. Now that hydrogen-powered flights are gaining traction, could they be the […]

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Healthcare Advisors
M&A Healthcare Advisors (MAHA) Exclusively Represents Hoover Pharmacy in their Sale to CVS
March 29, 2023

LOS ANGELES, March 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — M&A Healthcare Advisors (MAHA), a boutique merger and acquisition (M&A) advisory group, is proud to announce the sale of Hoover Pharmacy, a Specialty & Retail Pharmacy based in the San Francisco Bay area focused on serving Stanford Medical Campus patients. Hoover Pharmacy’s files were acquired by CVS and […]

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Planning for International Interactive Mixed Reality Art
March 29, 2023

Interactive visual stories and art are becoming more and more common as AR storytelling begins to dominate the space. From museums to advertising campaigns, interactive art is reinventing the way stories have been traditionally told, making the world its canvas. As VR and AR tech becomes more accessible, artists find themselves intrigued with the new […]

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Auto Industry Professionals Weigh Solutions to Persisting Technician Shortage
August 17, 2022

The demand for workers in the trades continues to outpace the supply at alarming rates. When it comes to the automotive industry, the need for technicians is estimated to be five openings for every active technician. This is a significant increase in the technician shortage from 2021 when the ratio was 2:1 with unfilled […]

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GM Undershoots Estimates on Chip Dearth, Lifts Full-Year Outlook
August 4, 2021

(Bloomberg) — General Motors Co. missed analysts’ profit estimates for the latest quarter but raised its full-year guidance as rich margins on pickups vied with nagging production cuts at its North American factories from a global semiconductor shortage. Soaring new-vehicle prices on high-margin pickups couldn’t make up for supply chain issues in the second quarter […]

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Wingstop Shares Tumble After Chicken Wing Prices Start Soaring
July 28, 2021

(Bloomberg) — Wingstop Inc. is falling Wednesday despite a strong earnings report as investors increasingly fear inflationary risks as the price of chicken wings keeps rising. The Dallas-based chain saw its shares plunge as much as 10% at the open before bouncing back. They were down 4.5% at around noon. Price hikes could pressure its […]

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Ivanhoe Mines Co-Chairman & Co-Founder Robert Friedland on Copper Prices, Greening Supply Chain
June 25, 2021

Ivanhoe Mines Co-chairman and Co-founder Robert Friedland says the copper market will face disruptions to both demand and supply if prices of the metal get too high. Tune in below to hear Friedland’s thoughts on whether or not copper could be the next shortage in the supply chain.   Friedland: We’re waking up to a […]

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How Can the Manufacturing World Recover from Mass Commodity Shortages?
May 19, 2021

A year ago as the pandemic ravaged the world and cities locked down one by one, consumers were the ones panic-buying. Today, it’s companies doing the hoarding and it’s pushing supply chains to the brink. Bloomberg’s Enda Curran reports. Host: And what is really driving this massive supply crunch? Curran: Well, good morning, Heidi. What’s […]

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Colonial Restarts Gas Pipeline Following Cyberattack
May 13, 2021

Colonial Pipeline Co. said it began to resume gasoline shipments late this week, after a cyberattack that caused fuel shortages in several states. President Biden also asked US residents not to panic buy amidst the shortage. Watch below for more thoughts from Bloomberg’s Jamie Tarabay.   Host: So, Jamie, operations resuming, when is the actual […]

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What the Colonial Pipeline Hack Means for Fuel Supplies
May 10, 2021

Fuel traders are working to avoid gasoline and diesel supply shortages on the East Coast of the United States following a ransomware attack Friday on Colonial Pipeline Co. Watch below as Bloomberg’s Javier Blas breaks down the potential short and long term impacts.   Host: Javier,  you talked to us, first of all, about what […]

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U.S. Factory Growth Settles Back as Supply Chain Snags Linger
May 3, 2021

(Bloomberg) — Growth at U.S. manufacturers cooled in April as ongoing supply chain issues and materials shortages limited production efforts and enlarged backlogs. A gauge of factory activity fell to 60.7 from a more than 37-year high of 64.7 a month earlier, according to data from the Institute for Supply Management released Monday. Readings above […]

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What in the World is Going on with the United States Housing Market?
April 26, 2021

U.S. new-home sales rebounded sharply in March to the highest since 2006. Watch or read below to hear Mark Vitner, senior economist at Wells Fargo, speak about the causes and long term impacts of the U.S. housing demands. Host: I’m curious, Mark, when you look at some of the data that we’ve been getting out […]

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