Coast Autonomous’ Place at the Leading Edge of Autonomous Vehicles and Mobility

Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin was joined by Coast Autonomous CTO Pierre Lefevre remotely in this MarketScale video podcast, offering an in-depth look at the space the company occupies in the autonomous driving and mobility industry.

Coast Autonomous is a mobility company focused on autonomous vehicle solutions for a range of urban and industrial environments such as campuses, cities and airports. Coast Autonomous lives at the cutting edge of the industry, bringing solutions you might consider years away to life right here and now.

“From the very beginning, about 15 years ago, we have been looking at a solution for city centers completely focused on pedestrians,” Lefevre said. “Rather than having an autonomous vehicle that would go into traffic and be one more vehicle in the traffic jam, we’re looking at solutions for different types and shapes of vehicles that would allow cities to be dedicated to pedestrians and people rather than cars.”

Coast Autonomous is making a concerted effort to meet cities’ desire for walkable, pedestrian-focused spaces with autonomous vehicles that support that mission. Coast Autonomous is particularly focused on providing solutions for persons who need assistance and to help control pedestrian flow and encourage safety in congested areas.

Smaller vehicles also can greatly boost efficiency in urban areas not only in transporting passengers, but also in moving goods and resources.

These solutions are simply necessary, Lefevre said, to respond to new challenges created by population growth and rigid transportation systems incapable of adapting.

Coast Autonomous also serves on-demand mobility needs in other areas, such as campuses, theme parks and resorts, demonstrating the flexibility of autonomous vehicles in addressing transportation challenges.


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