People on the Move: Women Leaders in the Supply Chain

March is Women’s History Month. To honor the women who make an impact in business every day, People on the Move host Daniel Litwin spoke to one of Cargomatic’s newest leaders, Stacey Bonetti. Bonetti is Cargomatic’s Head of Account Management. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Bonetti spoke about how she sees women shaping the future of the industry.

Bonetti possesses a long career within the shipping and logistics industry. “I started as a management trainee at Maersk Line,” Bonetti said. “That gave me the opportunity to meet with global trainees across the world. It really opened my eyes to the global supply chain.”

Different economic circumstances impact global logistics daily on a micro and macro level. While these types of challenges might not be for everyone, Bonetti said she thrives on them. The shipping and logistics industry provided opportunities for Bonetti to work in various parts of the world where she could take what she learned and apply it in new ways. “There’s a lot of cross-referencing and learning that we can find from other countries,” she said.

The importance of maintaining solid and efficient practices in global logistics should not be overlooked. In fact, Bonetti mentions the impact the past two years has had on people’s attention to the industry and how impossible it is to ignore the critical role logistics plays within the world.

As for women starting in the logistics industry, Bonetti offered this advice: “Know your worth. Understand you know just as much, if not more, than your male counterparts. In such a dynamic industry changing all the time, somebody who has been in this industry forty years isn’t that much further ahead of somebody starting out in the industry.”

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