The Impact of Tesla Being Open to Mergers

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It’s not uncommon for Elon Musk to make major headlines. Which is why Daniel Litwin, Host, Voice of B2B sat down with Melanie Musson, Autonomous Vehicle Specialist at, to discuss Musk’s recent discussions that Tesla is open to “voluntary and friendly” mergers.

Based on the trajectory of the market right now, Musson sees a Tesla merger as something that industry leaders should be treating as a likely possibility. “They’re Tesla. They’re different from any of the other competitors in the electric vehicle field and they have a lot to offer. And I could see certain other car manufacturers wanting to get in on that technology that Tesla really has the upper hand on over everybody else,” Musson said.

The likelihood of a Tesla merger rests on how appealing that may be for other industry players. Musson sees the appeal. Tesla takes a more innovative approach than other car manufacturers can muster when it comes to the electric vehicle push. “I think when you look at the other electric vehicles out there, they’re made by car manufacturers that have been around for 100 years. And there’s a big push for electric vehicles coming from everybody,” Musson noted. She explained that all those car manufacturers are in their box of this is how we manufacture, this is how our plants are set up, and this is how we do it, so let’s make this work for what we’re used to doing.

She feels that Tesla doesn’t have a box because of their relative newness and this gives them the opportunity to thrive. “I could see why these car manufacturers are kind of stuck in a rut and they’re not making great headway with electric vehicles, and would want to merge with Tesla, because Tesla is the best at electric vehicles as far as the batteries and just innovative thinking,” Musson said.

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