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On the Road – Tesla Style

Tesla style Let’s talk about Tesla. The electric car company founded in 2003 has Read more


China Chip Controls manufacturing plant
Biden Nears Win as Japan, Dutch Back China Chip Controls
January 29, 2023

For more on the West’s race to implement China chip controls, read Bloomberg’s explainer on the computer chip “arms race.” (Bloomberg) — Japan and the Netherlands are poised to join the US in limiting China’s access to advanced semiconductor machinery, forging a powerful alliance that will undercut Beijing’s ambitions to build its own domestic […]

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NYSE Mayhem Traced to a Staffer Who Left a Backup System Running
January 28, 2023

(Bloomberg) — More than 700 miles from Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange’s backup data center on Cermak Road in Chicago is supposed to safeguard US markets, standing by at all hours in case disaster ever strikes the world’s largest venue for trading shares. When markets are closed, it participates in a well-worn routine, […]

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California storms farmers
California Storms Have Farmers Rushing to Avoid Crop Shortfall
January 28, 2023

(Bloomberg) — California farmers are facing costly damages from weeks of severe California storms that may trigger more expensive US fruits and vegetables in a time of massive food inflation. “The numbers are going to be somewhere in the hundreds of millions and perhaps in the billions,” Dave Puglia, head of the trade group Western […]

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On the Road – Tesla Style
January 24, 2023

Let’s talk about Tesla. The electric car company founded in 2003 has arguably made headlines nearly every year since their first production of an EV, the Roadster, in 2008. And despite the sharp and steady decline in stock market value over the past nine months, Tesla has posted strong Q4 sales, in fact, the […]

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Should Your Business Be Worried About Twitter Blue?
November 17, 2022

Twitters initial effort to charge money to verify accounts with a blue check mark is a mess, costing companies millions and damaging stock prices immensely. Videographer and Social Media Analyst Jordan Fussell highlights those companies most effected by such an influx in believable fake Twitter accounts. Jordan’s Thoughts: “Now, being a person who grew up […]

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Why an Elon Musk Twitter Might Work in the Long Run
November 11, 2022

Despite the challenges, Elon Musk’s Twitter model might succeed in the long run, according to Dan Newman, Principal Analyst & Founding Partner, of Futurum Research. Dan’s Thoughts: Elon Musk faces a number of tough decisions over the coming weeks and months, but as one of the most prolific entrepreneurs of all time, it’s hard […]

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Twitter Sale Trial Set for October as Musk Holds Firm on Exiting the Deal
July 29, 2022

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has backed out of his deal to buy Twitter for $44 billion, claiming that the site has more bots and fake accounts than was initially disclosed to him. Twitter threatened court action and the breach of this deal has led them to requesting an expedited trial date, which has now […]

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Why Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Deal Was Impossible for Twitter to Ignore
April 27, 2022

Editor’s Note: Our previous reporting on this topic analyzed Musk’s Twitter strategies and whether Twitter can ever meet its “social imperative,” and can be found here. Going once, going twice…Twitter, sold! To the richest man alive! Tesla CEO and top billionaire Elon Musk has purchased Twitter for $54.20 a share, totaling around $44 billion. Under […]

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Can An Elon Musk-Owned Twitter Meet Its Free Speech “Social Imperative”?
April 14, 2022

Editor’s Note: As of April 25th, Twitter has agreed to a deal with Elon Musk, selling the company for $44 billion. Twitter will now become a private company. The tech community woke up this morning to a Twitter feed on fire. Elon Musk, after announcing his ‘largest Twitter shareholder’ status at 9.2%, joining, and then […]

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Expert Compares SpaceX and Bezos’ Blue Origin Space Race to the Tortoise and the Hare
June 7, 2021

Brad Stone, the author of “Amazon Unbound“, compares Elon Musk’s SpaceX to Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin — referring to them as the tortoise and the hare. But what else separates the two intergalactic competitors? Who will eventually win the space race? Watch below for more. Host: It’s hard to believe that Blue Origin is actually […]

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Tesla Sells $101 Million of Bitcoin to Demonstrate the Currency’s Liquidity
April 29, 2021

Elon Musk said Tesla Inc. demonstrated the liquidity of Bitcoin by selling 10% of its holdings during the first quarter. Watch below as Bloomberg’s Katie Greifeld and Bloomberg Intelligence’s Mike McGlone discuss on “Quicktake Charge.”   “Bitcoin, Tesla’s figured out, is becoming a new version of gold.”   Host: Can you just explain to us […]

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VW’s Hopes of Catching Tesla Hinge on a $30 Billion Tech Reboot
March 14, 2021

(Bloomberg) — Max Senges traded the visionary buzz of Silicon Valley for an old-school German industrial center bracing for a dramatic overhaul. As head of a new coding school in Wolfsburg, the former Google researcher is a small but important part of Volkswagen AG’s massive push into software. The strategy — involving more than $30 billion in […]

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