Voice & AI: The ethical usage of Voice and AI


Ethical considerations in the realm of voice and AI technologies are becoming increasingly important, especially as these technologies gain traction across various sectors. The responsible and ethical use of voice and AI is a topic that needs urgent attention and informed discourse.

So, what are the elements of ethical considerations in voice and AI? As these technologies become more widespread, it is essential to address the ‘FUD’—Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt—associated with them. Ethical guidelines, responsible usage, and public awareness are key elements that can guide the ethical deployment of these technologies.

In this episode from the Voice and AI Summit, the host, James Prebil, Director of Retail Media at Marketscale, talks to John Stine of The Open Voice Network. The conversation delves into the ethical dimensions of voice and AI technologies, tackling issues like fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Stine provides valuable insights and sheds light on the complexities involved in ensuring ethical usage.

New AI statistics show that 35% of companies are using AI and 42% of companies are exploring AI for its implementation in the future (Explodingtopics).

“As we learn about what AI is, what artificial intelligence is, and how all of us can use it and all of us will be using it, and what it means, we can see that it can be a real boon to productivity. It can help us do our daily tasks in a faster, simpler way. It can help us create, help us think, help us give us new ideas. But only, if we handle it carefully.”

He also discusses…

  • US policy vs. EU policy concerning AI and the use of personal data
  • The wealth of literature on ethical AI principles, covering topics like accountability, consent, and transparency
  • The Open Voice Network, a nonprofit organization focused on making AI and voice technology products interoperable and ethically sound.

Jon Stine is the Executive Director of The Open Voice Network, a Linux Foundation initiative aimed at standardizing AI-enabled voice technology. Founded in June 2020, the network has over 200 volunteers from 13 countries and is backed by major enterprises. It plans to release its first protocols and ethical guidelines this year. Stine has over 30 years of leadership experience in retail and tech, including roles at Intel and Cisco Systems.

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