With newer camera models constantly entering the market, we’re seeing more cameras adopt a movie mode system, like the A7 III.

We’ve sailed straight past the anniversary release of the third iteration of the Sony A7’s line — the Sony A7 III — and it’s become apparent that, outside of the initial press release, we didn’t cover many elements of the camera in the same way we’ve cover others. Truthfully, I think that comes down to two factors: how many cameras came out last year and timing. Honestly, I don’t believe the A7 III came out at a mind-blowing time.

It was hot off the release of GH5s, and the Pocket 4K announcement came a few months after. I think aside from its focus features, full-frame sensor, and low-light performance, there wasn’t anything that made the camera stand out in the already-overpopulated small form factor market. I think when you’re choosing a mirrorless/DSLR for filmmaking, with anything that came out after 2017 (and in the $1,500-$2,500 price range), everything comes down to brand loyalty.

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