Top Equipment Investments for Working Filmmakers

When it comes to working as a filmmaker for a living, what are the best gear investments to make money rather than lose it? Here are a few must-haves.

As a freelance filmmaker, there’s nothing more daunting than investing in gear. When all is said and done, after purchasing all the accessories — from camera to tripod — you’re looking at a minimum price tag of 5K. Let’s face it, the laundry list of lenses, stabilizers, cameras, and additional accessories can easily break the bank — before you make a single dime. So, when it comes to working as a filmmaker for a living, what equipment should you invest in to make money, rather than lose it?

(A brief disclaimer: The list below is just my personal opinion. Each piece of equipment has been a solid investment for me. That being said, this list doesn’t disregard the value of other pieces gear on the market.) 

Let’s get into it.

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