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Noah Chamow and Conor Burke share the twists and turns of their post-production careers in this final episode in a three-part series on careers in post-production for CineCast, powered by Cinedeck. Host Shelby Skrhak sat down with the two founders of Assistant Editors’ Bootcamp, an informal education program that teaches the ins and outs of […]

CineCast: Assistant Editors’ Bootcamp Picks Up Where Film School Leaves Off

Assistant Editors’ Bootcamp, a post-production training and education program for industry novices, was born as a way to combat the incredible Catch 22 that green candidates face in getting their first job. For the two founders Noah Chamow and Conor Burke, the struggle was all too real. In this second in a three-part series […]

CineCast: How the Founders of Assistant Editor’s Bootcamp Are Changing the Industry One Class at a Time

Noah Chamow and Conor Burke, founders of Assistant Editor’s Bootcamp, attended some of the best film schools in California, and yet their best learning experience was creating their own. On this first in a three part series on careers in post production for CineCast, powered by Cinedeck, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with Chamow […]

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Taking Cinedeck from the hardware world to the software world impacted leaders’ outlook on the company business model and shaped the company in an unexpected way, COO Jane Sung [contributor page] said in this third of a three-part conversation on CineCast, a Cinedeck podcast. “When we first launched the software, we launched with our same […]

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Cinedeck COO Jane Sung says there were huge barriers when it came to entering the software technology market with cineXtools. “Especially when you’re bootstrapping that new product,” Sung said in this second of three-part discussion on CineCast, a Cinedeck podcast. “Basically it felt like we were starting as a brand new startup.” Like a startup, […]

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From its inception, Cinedeck has worked tirelessly to bring innovative video recording and editing tools to the market, but that was no easy feat persuading the industry their solution was feasible. On this first of three-part conversation on CineCast, a Cinedeck podcast, COO Jane Sung takes us behind the curtain to reveal the challenges they […]

CineCast: How Cinedeck CEO Beat an “It Can’t Be Done” Mentality and Changed the Editing Industry

Gone are the days of waiting long hours for media files to render thanks to insert-editing software, like cineX. On this three-part CineCast podcast, we have discussed the evolution of cineX with Cinedeck CEO himself, Charles D’Autremont. On our last and final episode with him, D’Autremont wrapped up the conversation with real stories from […]

CineCast: How Insert-Editing Overcame Industry Dubiety, Pushback and Apprehension

On this episode of CineCast by Cinedeck, we are joined once again by Charles D’Autremont, CEO of Cinedeck, to discuss the innovation of insert-editing software in the world of digital media. If you haven’t listened to part one, start there to learn about D’Autremont’s early career and how the idea of insert-editing came to […]

Charles D’Autremont said

CineCast: How Insert-Editing Came to Be

Amateur and professional video editors alike know the slow and excruciating process of rendering a file; perhaps setting the file to export before bed only to find their hardware still churning next morning. This slow and painful process has been the norm in the film and broadcast industry since the beginning, that is until […]

Alex Parnell said

CineCast: Finding the Perfect Workflow for Freelance Editing

Our three-part podcast concludes with Alex Parnell, president of Splitting Lanes Entertainment. Parnell’s work as a freelance colorist and online editor is ever-changing. No two workdays look alike. On this final episode, we explored his workflow, what software he relies on to keep his work running smoothly, and what changes he forecasts seeing in […]

Alex Parnell told

CineCast: The Double-Edged Sword of Savvier Clients & Media Expectations

We welcomed back Alex Parnell, president of Splitting Lanes Entertainment, for episode two of our three-part series of CineCast: A Cinedeck Podcast. On episode one, we got to know Parnell as a creative in the industry of media, film, and television, how he got into the field and what gets him excited for work […]

CineCast: Trials and Tribulations as a Freelance Colorist

Television is going through a(nother) Golden Age. With the influx of streaming companies to the entertainment sphere, there have never been more TV programs to watch than today. For colorists and online editors like Alex Parnell, this means ample work and incoming clients. Today marks the first episode of a three-part series in this […]

Brandon Balin talks

How One Freelance Video Editor Keeps His Tools Ahead of the Curve

The freelance video editing market has radically changed over the years, thanks in large part to emerging software. Avid Media Composer was released in 1994 and quickly became the industry standard come 1996, but various programs persist to this day. Brandon Balin’s knowledge of such software is unparalleled. As a freelance video, conform, and […]

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As a general rule, there is a direct correlation between the number of cameras in production and the complexity in the project workflow. Luckily, innovations are allowing production companies to improve the efficiency of their workflows, even when there are hundreds of cameras in use. No matter the type of content—a Studio multicam project or […]

Retro Workflow For New Technologies with John Harris of Cinedeck

Trends have a tendency to be cyclical. That helps explain the recent interest in everything “retro.” In the Pro AV world, “legacy procedures” don’t typically have the same romantic image. Cinedeck is bringing a classic, common-sense workflow approach back to the forefront. On today’s podcast, our host spoke with the Director of Business Development […]