CineCast: How Cinedeck Transitioned From a Hardware to a Software Solutions Provider

From its inception, Cinedeck has worked tirelessly to bring innovative video recording and editing tools to the market, but that was no easy feat persuading the industry their solution was feasible. On this first of three-part conversation on CineCast, a Cinedeck podcast, COO Jane Sung takes us behind the curtain to reveal the challenges they faced and how they solved them.

“With any startup, sales is the number one thing you’re focused on,” Sung said. “But it’s a big challenge. It was certainly our biggest investment of time, creating that strong sales pipeline.” But creating that pipeline meant more than selling a solution; it was opening up two-way communication with their customers.

“Offering a space for our customers to opine about the state of the industry was important for Cinedeck,” Sung said.

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