The eLearning Alchemist: Quicksilver


Shifts in the Workplace Structure with Laura Sukurokoff

The especially effervescent Laura Sukorokoff joined us to talk about empathy in the workplace, and how it’s especially essential in these trying times with the miasma of a pandemic hovering over everyday life. “At the very best, employees are feeling stressed about this, feeling worried about this. At the very worst, they’re losing their jobs, […]

How Can Organizations Adapt Their Learning Strategies?

  Most corporate learning teams are equipped to deliver learning when employees need to learn something for the first time or to expand on previous knowledge. Unfortunately, few learning teams are equipped to support employees when they need to: act on learned knowledge and skills, adapt knowledge to new trends, or solve new problems when […]

The Business Case for Microlearning: Quicksilver

  Over the past decade, we’ve come to realize that traditional training approaches are not A.) as effective as needed, or B.) adaptable enough for today’s fast pace businesses. As a delivery vehicle, microlearning is a powerful tool that can deliver better business results in a way that adapts to the business environment, particularly operationally […]

How to Influence People Without Being Manipulative: Quicksilver

  As the old adage goes: “In business as in life, you’re always selling.” This is certainly true for corporate learning professionals who need to influence others to change their behaviors to improve business performance. But, how do you influence others without being manipulative? On today’s video episode of Quicksilver: A Behind the Scenes Look […]

Why Training Design Should Start with the Final Assessment: Quicksilver

  Too often the design of training focuses first on content, then on how it is delivered, and finally on how it is assessed. The Backwards Design module, introduced by Wiggins and McTighe flips this approach so that the design of instruction starts with the design of the assessment. So, why should training design start with the […]

Applying Merrill’s First Principles of Instruction with Max H. Cropper: Quicksilver

    Training design and delivery is often relegated to a top performer who’s good with PowerPoint. From a cost savings perspective, this is an effective approach and many organizations have made do with pseudo-training designers. But, how is quality of learning affected if the training designer isn’t familiar with the scientific evidence on how […]

Learning in the Workflow: Quicksilver

The success of organizations operating in a dynamic and rapidly changing economy is often linked to its ability to react quickly and build employee capacity. Many organizations are discovering that transitioning from traditional training approaches to “Workflow Learning” is improving their training outcomes. So, can learning in the workflow make training more nimble and improve […]

How Schools Around the Globe are Approaching eLearning During the COVID Pandemic: Quicksilver

  On this week’s episode of Quicksilver: The eLearning Alchemist, Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B, fills in for Clint Clarkson to do a quick analysis of how schools around the globe are implementing elearning solutions during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s clearly a time of crisis for the world, and as more large buildings and […]