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Power Plan

Creating a Proper Power Plan

When people think of microprocessors, computers are the first thing that comes to mind. Yet, all the PCs, Apple desktops, engineering workstations, and supercomputers comprise less than 1% of the microprocessors sold yearly. So, where are all these microprocessors hiding? Well, they are in all the devices people use every day. Today’s homes contain hundreds […]

Power Quality

What’s the Difference Between Power Quality and Power Reliability?

The average home has become more automated and continues to advance technologically every year, much of it due to increasing power quality. With these improvements comes drawbacks in the form of reliability of devices, power consumption, and expectations of consumers. What is the difference between power quality and power reliability, and how do they intersect? […]

RoseWater Energy: The Next Generation of Energy: 10 Years of Cedia

Population density and aging infrastructure are harming North America’s power quality. One man’s problem is another man’s opportunity. In 2012, the RoseWater team set out to build a device that would guarantee perfect power. The highest quality, most complete residential and light commercial power management available. “At the beginning, we saw energy storage as a […]

The Next Generation of Energy: Understanding Power Plans – What They Are and Why They Matter

Host of The Next Generation of Energy, Tyler Kern, spoke with Joe Piccirilli, CEO of RoseWater Energy, about power plans for specific projects – what they are and how they are implemented. The conversation opened with a discussion of microprocessors and the importance of the electronic devices having consistent access to energy. Britannica defines a […]

The Next Generation of Energy: Examining Home Power Issues and Channeling Solutions

  Jim Sanfemio from Wicked Smart Homes in Sarasota, Florida, joined Rosewater Energy Group’s Joe Piccirilli and Next Generation of Energy host, Tyler Kern, to get down into the nitty-gritty of the issues that cause home power issues. “First and foremost, the problems that you have with network equipment in homes is the sensitivity level […]

How to Choose the Right Home Power Backup Plan

  There are a lot of power issues popping up on the grid, including rolling brownouts and blackouts, storms and outages. With these dangers on the horizon, it’s essential to have a backup option for your home or business. Today, we’re taking a look at several backup energy options, like generators, solar panels and other […]

A New Paradigm for Power in Residential and Commercial Applications

  Power quality is gaining recognition as a fundamental piece of the overall energy puzzle. To create a full solution, it is no longer enough to have power going into residential and commercial applications; that power quality must be clean. Joe Piccirilli, Founder and CEO of RoseWater, and Chris Walsh, Director of Global Sales and […]

The Next Generation of Energy: The Importance of Power Quality

  Where did the understanding that power quality was an issue people needed to pay attention to begin? Joe Piccirilli, CEO of Rosewater Energy Group, said it was mission-critical environments where power quality problems first became an issue. Piccirilli and Mario Bottero, COO of Rosewater Energy Group, dove into the topic of power quality, focusing […]

The Genesis of Innovation: The RoseWater Energy Story

  Once upon a time, Joe Piccirilli, CEO, and Mario Bottero, COO of RoseWater Energy saw an opportunity to invest in home energy solutions. There is a need for a reliable and efficient power conditioner, power backup and surge protector for homes. “Unlike the products we saw out there,” Bottero said, “which was a lot […]

Why Intelligent Design Is Powering Energy Evolution

  Joe Piccirilli, Managing Director at RoseWater Energy Group, has always spoken about four pillars of energy design: perfect power quality, protection against lightning, battery backup and renewable integration. Now, he’s added a fifth. “After a few years of dealing with misconceptions about what batteries and renewals are capable of doing, I’ve added a fifth […]

The Next Generation of Energy: Why Many Consumers Are Waking Up to Their Power Quality Issues

  A dropped Zoom call here. A brief internet outage there. When millions more Americans were working from their offices, it would’ve gone unnoticed. Now, with so many more working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are waking up to their power quality issues. “We didn’t really notice power quality issues, because we […]