Experts Weigh In on KBIS 2019 Trends

In the design world, it seems as soon as a trend comes to the forefront it is already on the verge of being replaced. That is why it is so important for design professionals to constantly know what is rising in popularity at any given moment. KBIS 2019 gave designers and experts that opportunity last week when it brought kitchen and bath professionals together in Las Vegas for its annual expo.

Several trends emerged during the week, and MarketScale spoke with those ‘in the know’ to see what was dominating conversations.

Home Automation

Smart home technology is entering more and more areas of the house including thermostats and front doors. But that is no longer enough. People are eager for appliances that connect to personal devices and smoother integration overall.

LED Lighting

LED lighting has typically been associated with outdoor environments, but as technology has improved it has become more viable. Its customization has designers excited.

Advanced Drinking Water Solutions

Attendees came to KBIS to see the latest products and designs, but functionality still plays a paramount role in building a home. Clean water may be more important than any part of a kitchen and now filtration technology is reaching new heights.

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