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Made in America feat. PanTech Design

  America's energy infrastructure is aging. That's a problem on many levels, but, at its core, it means we're getting further and further away from meeting rising demand. The Read more


Aurora Hires the “Dream Team” of Education
November 30, 2022

At some point, you have likely tried to “do it yourself” without an expert, whether building furniture from instructions, installing equipment in your house, or fixing your car. But wouldn’t it have been nice to speak to an expert ahead of time so they could guide you through the processes and use of the tools […]

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Jennifer Granholm Community-Based Clean Energy
Federal Funding for Community-Based Clean Energy Saves the Day for Municipalities
November 29, 2022

Community-based clean energy projects across the U.S. are getting a windfall of cash from the Biden administration. Using funds from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Program, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm announced the federal government is allocating $550 million to help municipalities deploy community-based clean energy initiatives, from infrastructure projects that cut down […]

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leisure travel
Leisure Travel Will Drive Hotel Growth for 2023
November 29, 2022

Business Travel News recently reported on PwC’s Hospitality Directions report, indicating a reduced 2023 travel forecast. PwC largely sites economic uncertainty for the revised projections, arguing that strengthening economic headwinds will translate to consumers opting to save travel funds that they might otherwise invest in hotels for vacations in late Q4 and Q1’23. That […]

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Made in America feat. PanTech Design
August 10, 2021
  America's energy infrastructure is aging. That's a problem on many levels, but, at its core, it means we're getting further and further away from meeting rising demand. The Read more
What Will The Home Of The Future Look Like?
July 7, 2021
The Energy Exchange explores the complex and critical intersection of energy, money and technology. Experts will use their insights and forecasts to outline what energy is available to us, the Read more
2020 CE Pro BEST Award Winners Announced at CEDIA Expo Virtual
September 21, 2020
Recognizing the most noteworthy new products and technologies, CE Pro is pleased to announce the winners of the 2020 CE Pro BEST (Best Electronics Systems Technologies) Product Awards. “We’re Read more
Exploring the Future of Smart Homes at CEDIA Expo 2019
September 17, 2019
  On this excerpt from Business Casual, Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern were joined by MarketScale's Nick Bruce live from CEDIA Expo 2019 in Denver, CO. Nick broke down the most interesting Read more
Smart Thermostats Save Lives & Money
July 31, 2019
  Smart home technology began with the invention of clap-on-clap-off lamps in the 80’s, and has since evolved into intelligent tech that can monitor a building’s temperature, light, and Read more
Why Audio Testing is Making Smart Devices Lose Their Smarts, with Daniel Knighten of Audio Precision
March 15, 2019
  When we hear the term “smart” device, words that may come into our minds are easy, convenient, or technologically advanced, but consumers and designers alike underestimate the challenges Read more
Experts Weigh In on KBIS 2019 Trends
February 28, 2019
In the design world, it seems as soon as a trend comes to the forefront it is already on the verge of being replaced. That is why it is so important for design professionals to constantly know Read more
Why a High Tech Smart Home is Within Your Reach
January 10, 2019
It’s been hard to avoid advertisements for products involved with “smart homes” as of late. Although the idea of a smart-home seems like something of a high-cost technological home renovation, Read more