The International LiDAR Mapping Forum is coming to a close today in Denver, Colorado. It may be a technology show, but what that technology represents is far more important to the general public.

Among the biggest themes this year is security and hacker prevention. With drones being an increasingly utilized part of construction projects and work sites, the industry must ensure that they are not susceptible to a cyber attack.

Provided drones are safe from attack, it is an exciting time to have their technology in the construction world. Companies like 3DReshaper and other 3D modeling software providers are now able to give project managers new access to sites in real time.

Data gathering is also reaching new levels in the imaging industry. Solutions like Allvision IO are able to provide city-mapping blueprints in real time that can give users actionable insight like never before.

One of the most important considerations for any drone mission is its number of payloads. Nearly every manufacturer is taking this into consideration. Many are making the shift to consolidate packages into a single payload so pilots do not have to switch gear on and off the drone.

Drones are naturally associated with the air, but they are having a serious impact below sea level as well. ASTRAlite’s services provide imaging for underwater infrastructure projects among other things like natural disaster assessment and military logistics.

Stay tuned for video, interviews and social media coverage from the show coming out this week.

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