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M&A Insights: The Future of Healthcare and Cost Savings

M&A Healthcare Insights Podcast hosts Mark Thomas and Andre Ulloa spoke with Terry Wang, Partner with Regal Healthcare Capital Partners, to forecast the future of the Read more


Advanced Automation: Ask the Experts
September 29, 2022
 Josh Gravelle tapped a leader in AI robotics for expert insights on how AI is making an impact on robotics today and into the future. Eric Danzinger, Co-Founder and CEO of Invisible AI, a company driven by the Read more
Data Analytics in the Construct of Open and Secure Communication Standards in Energy and Industrial
Data Analytics in the Construct of Open and Secure Communication Standards in Energy and Industrial
September 29, 2022
Muthuraman “RAM” Ramasamy returns with Ricky Watts for this fifth special fireside chat series for Intel and Frost & Sullivan, focusing on various areas of technology innovation. For this Read more
Ethereum Merge Proof-of-Stake
What a Proof-of-Stake Ethereum Means for Business’ Blockchain Use Cases
September 29, 2022
After six years of preparation and ongoing speculation around its potential success, the second largest blockchain came through with a win and completed a massive overhaul to its infrastructure. Ethereum Read more
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On-site hydrogen: what’s the big deal?
January 26, 2021
  For years, one of the issues with hydrogen has been that it is manufactured at one facility – sometimes as a byproduct – then taken elsewhere. But what if the hydrogen could be made Read more
The many colours of hydrogen
January 13, 2021
  The goal is green energy, but hydrogen currently comes in many “colors.” David Bow, Nel Hydrogen’s SVP of Business Development said that, while green is the ideal, production of an Read more
Hydrogen: the Swiss-army knife element
December 22, 2020
Few companies in the world can say they’ve been working with hydrogen for as long as Nel. That’s why Bjorn Simonsen, who, until recently, was Nel’s Vice President for Investor Relations and Read more
Purple Is The New Green: Why H2 is a Logic-al fueling solution of the future
December 16, 2020
Hydrogen vehicles are on the market, but it’s more of an anomaly than standard to see one on the road. That could be changing in the near future. NEL Hydrogen Business Development Manager Read more
H2: the ultimate chemical building block
November 30, 2020
  There is little doubt hydrogen is a huge player in energy going forward, but just what will that look like? Dr. Kathy Ayers, Nel Hydrogen’s Vice President of Research and Development, is Read more
Nel’s PEM: built on 20 years of experience
November 19, 2020
Everett Anderson, Vice President, and Head of Advanced Product Development at Nel joined hosts Leila Danielsen, Brand Manager at Nel, and Rob Cockerill, Managing Editor of H2 View, for a deep Read more
Electrolysis: a Norwegian Success Story
November 12, 2020
After a 20-plus year career in the hydrogen industry, Pietro d’Erasmo seemingly moved on from renewable energy's purple shores. But, just when d'Erasmo thought he was out, Nel pulled him back Read more
It’s Time for Hydrogen to Revolutionize Energy
November 3, 2020
There has been plenty of talk about hydrogen energy in the past few years. Nel Hydrogen CEO Jon André Løkke says it’s time for action. “To be honest, I don’t think we need more attention Read more