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Daniel Litwin

Editor, B2B Media

Aligning All Facilities Departments with Decarbonization Goals Requires a Collaborative Approach to Standards & Priorities


As facilities departments grapple with the urgent need to decarbonize buildings—a sector responsible for 37% of global CO2 emissions—the convergence of digital technology and strategic retrofitting emerges as a pivotal pathway. Integrating Schneider Electric’s technology-first approach with ASHRAE’s latest ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 100-2024 for existing buildings underscores a holistic strategy to meet science-based climate targets. Schneider Electric’s emphasis on digital and power management solutions for retrofitting existing buildings promises substantial operational carbon emissions reduction, with potential paybacks in less than three years, aligning with the podcast’s focus on cross-departmental and industry-wide synergy for decarbonization.

Meanwhile, ASHRAE’s standard introduces rigorous carbon emissions performance requirements, fostering a sustainable built environment through improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprints. This dual approach not only addresses the immediate efficiency upgrades and long-term community-scale decarbonization efforts but also sets a foundation for facilities management departments to navigate their roles in achieving net-zero emissions, ensuring buildings meet not only current sustainability standards but also remain viable and valuable assets in a greener economy.

Experts Talk, presented by MarketScale, explores the critical question: How can facilities management departments synergize their efforts to achieve ambitious decarbonization goals?

Hosted by Daniel J. Litwin, the Voice of B2B, this roundtable brings together Dr. Eric Woodell, a Mission-Critical Facilities Analyst & Auditor from Amerruss LLC; Omar Tabba, Chief Product Officer at BrainBox AI; and Jeff Pawlak, Vice President of Sales at ENTOUCH Controls. The discussion examines the multifaceted challenges and opportunities in aligning each layer of the facilities management ecosystem towards a unified decarbonization mission, highlighting the roles of technology, policy, and industry collaboration in this endeavor.

Key discussion points include:

  • The current misalignment within facilities management departments and the broader industry on decarbonization strategies
  • The critical role of digital technology and AI in optimizing building operations for energy efficiency and reduced emissions
  • Strategies for fostering cross-departmental and industry-wide collaboration to achieve comprehensive decarbonization goals

Dr. Eric Woodell brings a wealth of experience as a Mission-Critical Facilities Analyst & Auditor, focusing on ensuring the reliability and efficiency of facilities crucial to organizational operations. His expertise spans evaluating and improving operational practices to meet stringent sustainability and efficiency standards.

As Chief Product Officer at BrainBox AI, Omar Tabba provides innovative contributions to AI in building management. His work centers on harnessing artificial intelligence to optimize building operations, reduce energy consumption, and significantly lower carbon footprints, pushing the envelope in smart building technologies.

Jeff Pawlak has made significant strides in energy management solutions as Vice President of Sales at ENTOUCH Controls. His role involves leading the charge in providing cutting-edge, integrated solutions to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability in commercial buildings.

Article written by James Kent.

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