Improving HVAC Systems Plays a Key Role for Meeting Building Efficiency Goals

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In today’s rapidly advancing world, the role of HVAC systems for building efficiency goals has become a pivotal topic for businesses and property owners alike. With energy costs soaring, the shift towards more energy-efficient systems isn’t just a luxury—it’s a financial imperative.

Building efficiency upgrades could slash global energy demand by 12% and save up to $2 trillion annually by 2030, according to recent WEF international reports. By focusing on existing buildings which will largely remain in use through 2050, these enhancements, driven by technologies like efficient HVAC and LED lighting, aim to reduce building energy intensity by 38% by 2050.

With so many incentives pushing building managers to look to HVAC systems for building efficiency goals, what are some of the top considerations facilities should make as they approach investments in new HVAC systems?

Greg Crumpton, a skilled trades zealot and HVAC industry executive as VP of commercial HVAC and mechanical services leader Service Logic, explains the suite of powerful options with modern HVAC technologies, explaining how today’s top systems offer not only reduced energy consumption to meet building efficiency goals but also enhanced control systems and better warranties.

“Consider the refrigerant that is in your older system. It may be one of the gases that are being phased out. You may want to consider new equipment simply because the old refrigerant is going to be much more expensive to buy should you have a leak or have to make a repair,” Crumpton said.

Article written by Daniel Litwin.

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